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Roll up, roll up – new earrings appearing at an Open House near you


I discovered that no amount of titivation would make these lie flat and nicely so you are going to have to visit our Artist’s Open House, No 21 on the Whitstable Trail to see what they are like hanging up.  I have some lovely pink rhodonite stars and some very pretty pearl and zubic zirconia earrings.  The eagle-eyed amongst you might spot the unmatching but complimentary pairs.  This is a new idea as many people have spoken to me about losing their earrings and not knowing what to do with the lost one – I say mix it up – be bold 🙂

House 21 details:

15 Pier Avenue, Whitstable (Tankerton end) – lots of lovely shops and cafes on Tankerton High Street to peruse on your way.


Whitstable Trail information so you can plan your route !

Kumquats are surprisingly tasty and other things you learn at a PV

Fact 1: Apparently you are meant to eat the skins of kumquats as they are the sweetest part of the fruit.  If you peel off the skins then you only get the sourest, tartest part and you make quite the fact.

Fact 2: You should remember to actually bring the jewellery you made with you to avoid the emperor’s new clothes look.

But here are the photos from the PV – a bit of sneak preview for the opening tomorrow 🙂

You’re invited!


I’m busy getting ready for the Artist’s Open Houses.  Three weekends of wonderful art.  I’m exhibiting at Josephine Harvatt’s house, 15 Pier Avenue, Whitstable, CT5 2HQ.

You are warmly invited to our Private View tomorrow evening: 16 October, 6-8pm.  Looking forward to seeing you there.